I’m surprised I haven’t heard any recent speculation on a date for the announcements of specific Macs with the new Apple Silicon chip. Maybe I’m reading the wrong websites…

My proposal: Everyone who lies about their kid’s Covid-19 test results and sends them to school should be subject to an immediate tax audit.

Ha! GM is adding 540 fast chargers a year to its network. But, they’re still using dorpy “refueling” pictures in their promos!

GM promo picture of people "refueling" their EVs hanging onto the "nozzle"!  (probably ©GM)

These little guys are bursting out all over with daytime temperatures in the high single digits (9°C/48°F).

The snow is mostly gone from the south-facing hillsides and the plants are pushing to make the most of what will be a brief summer.

All stamens and no petals