Sorry to hear this: Former PBS NewsHour co-anchor Jim Lehrer dead at 85. Lehrer and … Robert MacNeil founded the program in 1975 following their Watergate hearing coverage. Lehrer, who moderated 12 presidential debates, retired in 2011; he also wrote 20 novels and several plays.

@wirecutter tweet: 🚩Final Cyber Week 2019 Tally: After about a week of digging through what has become the Black Friday + Cyber Monday retail quagmire, @WirecutterDeals found 0.91% of the 77,563 deals we scanned to be real, actual, good deals. Stats

Your experience too?

My second-biggest Black Friday purchase: from Flexibits, the iOS CardHop contacts manager app. I already wish that I’d picked it up years ago!

So, @danielpunkass @manton , I was just listening to Core Intuition 389. Do you think Apple would be successful with other “arcades”, e.g. a “photography studio” or a “writers’ room”? Could it be a win for app devs? Maybe it would reduce the problem with a lack of trial versions.

Is there a way to search further back in Mentions? (I’m looking for the name of an ice cream place in Halifax near Spring Garden Park mentioned by @bitdepth …)